Terri Ferran, Author

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A Little Bit About Me...

Terri Ferran grew up in a small Colorado town that offered little in the way of entertainment. She escaped through reading and later on a Continental Trailways bus.

She dreamed of being a writer, but took the safe route CPA-hood. She finally pursued her dream and realized that both sides of her brain can be used—sometimes even at the same time!

Terri is author of the Faith, Hope, & Charity series: Finding Faith, Having Hope, and Choosing Charity, (Bonneville Books) a trilogy of inspirational novels. She has also forayed into humor with Life’s Alphabet Soup: When Your Children Make You Eat Your Words, a funny collection of real-life stories of a working mother of six.

Terri and her husband are the parents of six children; three boys and three girls. When she’s not busy writing or doing mom things, Terri still loves to read, but can usually be found doing laundry, dishes, running errands, napping, eating chocolate or exercising (not necessarily in that order).

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